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Viasat-managed retailer website program

Example Retailer Website

A professional website that works on desktop, tablet, or mobile! This powerful website-builder features Viasat Internet content that the Viasat team keeps up-to-date. Plan or pricing changes? Don’t worry! Those updates get pushed to your custom site automatically.

Plus, you get access to a website dashboard where you can:

  • Update information about your business – any time!
  • Add photos & descriptions of other products you offer.
  • Differentiate your site with pre-approved background & accent colors.

Want to see what your website could look like? Here are two examples:

Retailer Website Example - ZIP code lookup

ZIP code look-up

These sites have ZIP code look-up built in so your customers can check the plans available in their area, straight from the source.


This program costs $20/month, billed quarterly through your distributor. It is 100% co-op eligible.

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